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Best Western Inn Plus "Kelly Inn"

The hotel property is clean and well kept including the parking lot. The Hotel does not have room for parking with trucks pulling trailers unless its a small uhaul style trailer. When you pull into the property there is not parking in the front of the hotel except paid parking. The parking is off to the side of the hotel. The property is also overlooking the Mississippi River. The check inn process was quick and friendly. I was told were everything they offered was located as well as the times for the attached restaurant. The lady that checked me inn engaged in small talk while she was going through the check inn process and made me feel welcome. The hotel has 4 elevators and only certain elevators go to certain floors. She told me where the two elevators that went to my floor where located and which one was closest to my room. My room is a double queen. It has a coffee pot, microwave, and a mini fridge. It does not come with a desk but it does have a table the two people co

Days Inn St Cloud MN

When I arrived the first thing I noticed is the property is not taken care of very well. The parking lot has several pot holes and the cement appears to have been damaged by a snow plow and never fixed. The grass is also over grown and not well maintained. Another issue I have is the security doors are broken and do not require a key card for entry. As you walk through the hallways you can see that they have fixed holes and not repainted so there are patches of drywall mud. When I went inside to check in there is a sign that says it is 100% smoke free property. Based off the smell of the hallways I would say this is a new policy. The staff at the front desk are very friendly even with the rather rude lady in front of me. The check in process was very quick and painless. They explained how to get to my room and what the best entrance was with confidence. The gentleman told me about everything they offer as well as times and locations. When I got to my room it had an odd smel

Holiday Inn Express and Suites (Golden Valley)

When I arrived at the hotel, one of the first things I noticed was that the property was clean. They did not have trash in the parking lot or stuffed into the landscaping. The grass was well kept, along with all the plants. The parking lot had two entrances, but it was a little cramped for larger vehicles. When I walked into the lobby, there were no other customers inside. So when I noticed they had somebody at the front desk waiting to check people in, I was rather surprised. I arrived at 10:00am, and they were able to accommodate me by providing an early check in. The lady gave me no attitude about my arriving early; she was pleasant during the whole check in process. She was able to suggest places to eat nearby (nothing within walking distance, as the area seems to be a business park). When I arrived at my room, it was clean. Housekeeping did not leave any remnants of the previous guest, as I have seen in the past, such as hair in the sink or stuck to the shower wall.