Best Western Inn Plus "Kelly Inn"

The hotel property is clean and well kept including the parking lot. The Hotel does not have room for parking with trucks pulling trailers unless its a small uhaul style trailer. When you pull into the property there is not parking in the front of the hotel except paid parking. The parking is off to the side of the hotel. The property is also overlooking the Mississippi River.

The check inn process was quick and friendly. I was told were everything they offered was located as well as the times for the attached restaurant. The lady that checked me inn engaged in small talk while she was going through the check inn process and made me feel welcome. The hotel has 4 elevators and only certain elevators go to certain floors. She told me where the two elevators that went to my floor where located and which one was closest to my room.

My room is a double queen. It has a coffee pot, microwave, and a mini fridge. It does not come with a desk but it does have a table the two people could comfortably eat at. Every table does have a lamp so you have plenty of lighting. Each lamp has two plugins on it as well so the room has more then enough for every person to have there phone or laptop plugged in for those family travelers. I did not get a room overlooking the river so I am unsure of how good the view is.

The beds come with four medium pillows, one throw pillow, and three blankets with a fourth on the foot of the bed. The beds are a nice they feel very firm while being soft and fluffy. The TV. is directly between them so you can lay in either and turn the TV towards your. If you are staying for more than a day or two there is a dresser with 6 drawers. There is no room on top of it due to the TV and lamp.

There are multiple vending machines with snack food, drinks, and personal products. All the Vending machines that I have found accept cards as well as apple / android pay. On the main floor they have seating areas if you want to get out of your room to sit and talk. While I was walking around outside I did not notice any outdoor seating besides what the restaurant has.

The pool area is rather large with plenty of seating. There is a pool for swimming that ranges from 3ft – 6ft in depth as well as a wading pool. The jacuzzi is set close to windows that give you a panoramic view of trees. The trees keep people from looking in and bothering you unless they walk behind them and up to the windows but I do not see this as an issue as I have not noticed any foot traffic on that side of the hotel. They also have a game area in the pool that takes tokens in case you want to keep the kids occupied if you want to stay in the pool area longer then they do.

All in all I feel this is a nice hotel and would stay here again when I am in the area if it is not sold out as has been the case in the past.


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